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Lock your credits from identity theft

Started by 1969shelbygt350, February 22, 2023, 07:45:29 AM

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I locked my credits from Identity theft!  Reported to local PD and see if we can get them in West Palm Springs FL.
Anyone here lives in West Palm Springs FL?

Thx Paul


OK, I have to ask......What are you talking about?


I've had our Credit Locks on for years.
If you are talking about a financial fraud, you need to work with your local police.  Don't worry about where the fraud took place.  We had two frauds.  First was a cloned check spent at a ToysRUs in Minnesota!  I've not been there in 50 years.  I talked with the bank and local PD.  A few years ago my CC was skimmed at Murphy gas station (VERY COMMON).  But then it was cloned and used at a small town just 40 miles away.  So I talked with the local branch bank and called the PD 40 miles over about me driving over, filling out forms, whatever was needed.  They said "Call your local PD, they take the facts and statement and they will contact us".  It worked great!  I sat in my living room and spoke with my local officer and a few weeks later I was getting calls from the other PD detective and assistant DA.  Yes, there was camera footage, yeah this was a known "person with legal issues", yeah they had her in custody....
Pirating!  Corporate take-over without the paperwork


I reported to local PD for criminal investigation! My was that they tried to add their address into one my credits companies! My ID24/7 protection caught it and told me. Yesterday, I forgot I even had another credit card. They tried to obtain a credit from that company! I received a letter from them stated that there is a changed of new address. If wasn't me needed to call and I did!  Now I locked and froze all my credits

Same as you PD down in West Palm Beach Fl won't do anything until my local police investigated first


May be hard to get the local PD to do much if there wasn't any financial loss.

If anyone needs help catching a scammer or getting restitution, drop me a direct message.  My buddy has a company that does just that.