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Preston Lerner's new book Shelby American

Started by rkm, February 10, 2023, 07:58:21 PM

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I just finished Preston Lerner's book "Shelby American The Renegades Who Built  the Cars, Won the Races and Lived the Legend". Who would have thought there was anything left to say? Well, if you want a comprehensive, complete, chronological and pretty objective history, this is the book for you.

I have no financial interest in giving this review, but if you are like me, you have read dozens of versions of the tales. Some say the Brits did it all. Others create heroes and villains that didn't exist. Here is a full, accurate, and unbiased history of a very short, spectacular period where a bunch of young guys (mostly) won the biggest races in the world just by out smarting, out working, and out manoeuvring everybody else. And even though Shelby was no angel, he made it all happen.

Thank you Mr. Lerner. Nicely done.


I also read the book thought it was fairly factually accurate, a good read!

jim p
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