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Check your credit reports PLEASE

Started by 1969shelbygt350, February 09, 2023, 10:23:10 PM

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Today I got an alert from  Someone in FL added his address on 2/6 to my credit report and profile.  I had to freeze my credits.  I reported to West Palm Beach, Fl police department and they said nothing they can do at this time. Unless the criminals got some money! I have the address of that individual fr Credit companies!!! Man I wish someone in the area can kick his or her azz! Scammers are everywhere




Sorry it happened to you and thanks for the heads-up

We put credit freezes on at all four credit reporting places.  I just did a "Thaw" as I applied for a second card at our bank.  they told me which one they needed it done at and only for a few days.  I was happy at the Experian site to "thaw" it and I could tell them when to lock it back again. 
Our county also has a way to be notified about anything with our property title.  However it is SLOW to notify! 
Pirating!  Corporate take-over without the paperwork


I have my credit frozen for years after a friend had their identity stolen and she was wrongly arrested for fraud
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