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WTB continuation Daytona and Cobra Street Car

Started by jgroce1985, January 29, 2023, 08:02:33 PM

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Trying to finalize my collection of shelby cars. I'm looking for a continuation Daytona, and continuation Cobra street car. Seriois buyer if price is realistic. Thanks everyone


Continuation Daytona?  I know there were some "found" cobra chassis that they built cobras out of but Daytona's?


CSX numbered cars. Of course I'd like originals , but don't have 20 million laying around..Thanks

98SVT - was 06GT

SA did some continuation coupes - I think they were CSX9000 series. I don't know whose kit they chose to stick their VIN tag on.
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Superformance makes the Daytona Coupe continuation car for both Hilbanks and Shelby. They have the CSX9000 vins. They are hard to find and need to be 2009 MY and newer to have a CSX number. The factory builds 6 to 12 cars per year, I think 2025 are avaliable for order.


Other than the designated CSX9000 Series Continuation Coupes There we're some done in the CSX7000 Continuation  Series as well in fiberglass.