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NOS 65 66 Mustang Shelby Items For Sale

Started by Fast Fords, January 19, 2023, 04:49:48 PM

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Fast Fords

I have a few 65 66 and 67 Mustang/Shelby items for sale.

1) NOS rear tail light lenses for 65 66 Mustang or Shelby in excellent condition. I have a pair in the original Ford box with part # C5ZZ-13450-A. Price is $110 for pair.

2) NOS pair of rear trumpet trim rings in original Ford boxes. Part # on box is C5ZZ-5C299-A. These are in excellent condition. These will also work for some 67 Shelby's if you cut the bottom half off. Comes with attaching parts. Price is $110 for the pair.

3) NOS trunk lock sleeve. This is in the original Ford box with part # C5ZZ-6543603-B. This part has a small wear mark on the chrome. It may be able to be polished out. Price is $35.  SOLD

4) NOS horse and corral for 65 Mustang that goes in the centre of the grille. This is not in the original box but is in very nice condition. Price is $130.

5) NOS front turn signal lenses in the Ford boxes for 65 66 Mustang and Shelby.. Part number on the box is C5ZZ-13208-A. These are also in excellent condition and come with attaching parts. Price is $50 for the pair. SOLD

If interested in any parts, email for pictures. Shipping is extra on all items. Thanks.


SFM 6S406

Fast Fords

Prices on all remaining items have been reduced. Thanks.

Fast Fords