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07 to 09 GT 500 bumper cover

Started by gt350bp, January 01, 2023, 10:04:33 AM

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Happy New Year to all!

Looking for step by step instructions for 07 to 09 GT 500 front bumper cover removal. Have not been able to locate anything specific to the 07-09 GT 500's.
Will be doing a restoration to the front clip as my car is a daily driver and did the I-4 shuffle for almost two years from Daytona to Orlando.

Any insight or information out of a shop manual will be appreciated. Do not want to take any chances of breaking any clips or hidden pieces.

Thank you.



Finally got the 07 back from the paint shop for the front clip restoration and KR style hood.  Worked out better than anticipated. The Cervini's hood is very good
quality and the fit was also very good. Had one low spot on the l.h. side hood pin as this did take a bit of work. I also made the vents functional by using standoffs to lower the water pans that fit under the vents. The only complaint is that the hood pin brackets do not clock the hood pins correctly. I've informed Cervini's of this issue and hope they make an adjustment to future brackets. I'm going to redo mine at some point, but for now just going to enjoy the 07!

Would recommend the Cervini's hood.



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