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Order your new AC Cobra GT roadster - NOW

Started by 98SVT - was 06GT, December 20, 2022, 06:20:02 PM

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98SVT - was 06GT

Announced today that it will see production - aluminum extrusion chassis and carbon fiber body - I heard single 8" main tube but can't find any other info.

Looks like they will be farm built - English cottage industry at its best'',1.0829081,283a,35y,44.26h,44.89t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d9c38f361c31b7:0x88fec0e93f18baa9!8m2!3d52.5124374!4d1.087142?hl=en&authuser=0
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Their specification page is hosed.  The car is small than a tiny  toy Micro Machine, about the size of a lady bug.  It weighs about 3 lbs, has over 650 horse power with a top speed of 172 mph.  The power to weight ratio is out of this world.  I expect that their length measurements in millimeters (25.4 mm = 1.00 inch)  are suppose to be meters. Their 1.400 kg should be 1400 kg.  (Which is actually a measure of inertia, not weight.)  The car would then be closer to 3086 lbs.

PS =  PferdStarke (literally, 'horse strength' in German)

Nm = Newton-meters, which is work, force through a distance or force with a lever arm (Torque).  The rate of work is power = Nm/sec or lbs-ft/sec.

The ** says that a 165 lb driver will fit in this lady bug size car.  That is crazy.  LOL

I invite anyone to check my work.



Scott Fuller

Scott Fuller

4.33-mm is 0.17-in...not that it matters.  Not 0.0524-in.  Again, not that it matters.



Hi Scott,

You pass and get an A+.  Thank you.  The "length" dimension was incorrect.  I have made the correction.  I double checked my work and all the other dimensions are good.  Yes, there are too many significant figures, but hopefully everyone gets the point.   The car is still the size of a lady bug.  Their specifications are hosed.

The corrected specifications are likely

  Length 4.33 m = 170.47 inches  (14.21 ft)

  Width 1.96 m =  77.17 inches (6.43 ft)

  Height 1.400 m = 55.12 inches (4.59 ft)

  Wheel base 2.57 m = 101.18 inches (8.43 ft)

Take care


Scott Fuller

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Europeans use a period as commas and commas as a period in numbers.
Regards, P.P.
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Quote from: 66GT350 on December 21, 2022, 03:26:56 PM
Europeans use a period as commas and commas as a period in numbers.
Regards, P.P.

Hi P.P.,

I think you are right.  That would fix their specifications, both the length and Kg values.  It did not even occur to me that the "." was used like the "," to separate 1000's.

However, its not strictly a European thing.  I found with a Google search, that there are 47 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland that use the "." as the decimal separator.  There 74 countries that use the "," as the decimal separator, including Germany and Cuba.

I can imagine this could be a bigger problem with two contrives and negotiating a deal and the "." and "," thing is mixed up.  Yikes.



98SVT - was 06GT

Quote from: HistoryBuff on December 22, 2022, 10:55:34 AM

The MKIV was an AC/Ford project sold through Ford dealers with EPA approved Mustang drivelines. CS lost that lawsuit too. He seemed to have forgotten that it was Ford's engineers developed the 3000 series coil spring chassis Cobra.
Previous owner 6S843 - GT350H & 68 GT500 Convert #135.
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      I'll give them (AC Cars) credit for their effort to revive the name and the product, but in this era shouldn't it be returning as:  DC Cars?   :o

      This for broader mainstream public appeal or even to allow for greater public accessability in the light of up-coming legislation restrictions on fossil-fuel burning, smog-producing, global-warming assisting, and not to mention the dinosauristic, masculinist engineering and it's social impact that is also being attached to the internal combustion engine today and probably more so in the near future!  ::)




A giant engine with over 600 hp. But how many times has Lublinsky walked back out onto the Cobra stage?