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Paxton Supercharged 1969 GT350 ID Help

Started by dragginwagon, November 02, 2022, 05:22:33 PM

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98SVT - was 06GT

Quote from: Coralsnake on November 04, 2022, 09:03:03 AMThere were no 1968 Shelbys with Paxtons, so the "leftover" parts is pure fantasy. Im also not sure the two dealerships mention were related?

Shelby was also not a "small-scale speciality builder" anymore. Beginning in 1968 it was Shelby Automotive with all the power and production capability of Ford Motor Company. Any standard leftover parts were added back into Ford's massive parts distribution system when SA closed the airport facility in late 67. Anything CS kept could be found in his aftermarket parts catalogs.

The car was 25 years old when the first mention of the supercharger is found. As was mentioned if it had been added in 69 it would probably be a white one. I'll go with someone bought a used blower kit and added it when the car was 10-15 years old. The statement there were only 2 in SAAC means nothing.

In the 80s I loaned Paxton a set of SB Ford original mounts so they could duplicate them - their original patterns had been lost.
Jim Middlebrook was their engineer I dealt with at the time. He came up with a new centrifugal blower idea and started Vortech in 1990 around 2000 he purchased Paxton. He sold off the old ball drive blowers (that Craig Conley offers today) and uses the Paxton name on some of his blowers and kits today. As you can see his Paxton blowers now use the newer gear drive system.
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