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What is this 1968 part- where does it go?

Started by cboss70, November 07, 2022, 09:14:00 AM

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I am piecing together a non shelby 1968 J-code GT fastback. I was going to start reinstalling the underdash wiring (that I got in boxes) and came across this bracket.  Can anyone tell me where and how this mounts (pictures?) and what the assembly is used for?  Maybe that thick green wiring is for the console?  The wiring diagram booklet I have shows wires but not where things are attached or routed and aren't super clear. Thanks very much for your help.


That mounts directly behind the fuse block with the fuse block screws

The lower connector appears to be an optional seat belt warning lamp relay

The top two are the fog light circuit breaker
The original Influencer, check out


Awesome thanks so much. I should have picked up on those diagonal holes as a tip to where it mounted but I missed that connection. 


Just a picture to show the location and orientation for you and others who may read this later. Bracket was used to hold many different relays as such. Yes this is from an example from another plant but same part and application. Please ignore the aftermarket PS booster details in the picture  ::)

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