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Need car looked at in Raleigh, NC.

Started by SFM5S159, October 19, 2022, 10:19:44 AM

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I need a "Shelby" looked at in Apex, NC, just southwest of Raleigh.  It's a 1986 GLHS Omni.  Yes-don't laugh they are collectible. 
You don't need to be an expert on this type of car, I just want eyes on the car, look it over for any repairs or damage, listen to it run. 
It's a 13,000 mile survivor and looks very nice in pictures. 

I'll compensate for time/gas.

Please PM me or email at:


Mike C
'65 GT350, '67 GT500, '65 289 Cobra

TA Coupe

Straight from Shelby's lips to my ears when sitting and talking to him at the SEMA show,  GLHS stands for
Those little suckers were kicking some Shelby azz at Willow Springs when they sent out a car hauler with a few of them plus a few hot shoes to drive them.

If it starts it's streetable.
Overkill is just enough.