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Move over, Camilo. new artist doing GT40s

Started by HistoryBuff, September 25, 2022, 09:41:38 AM

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Another Detroiter moved to California, his name is John Krsteski and he is a Hyundai designer. Like Ford designer Camilo Pardo, he went to the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. But in his spare time in California he makes fine art automotive paintings of classics, some with oils and some digital (Hey John, are those still called "paintings?") Camilo can relax --he's only done  a couple GT40s, he has dozens of marques depicted. And he seems to prefer Porsches in his personal cars. One thing I find fascinating is his extra long (but short vertically) paintings, I wonder how many frame shops can do that?. I don't have an address for where to buy his work  but he could be written to at Art Center College of Design where he teaches part time.


I'll try to download his yellow GT40 painting..


Cover painting that he did for Road & Track - scanned from my copy.

- Phillip

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Quote from: propayne on September 26, 2022, 11:30:38 AM
Cover painting that he did for Road & Track - scanned from my copy.

- Phillip

Now that's a beautiful print
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