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Driver side remote mirror

Started by csheff, September 04, 2022, 10:22:46 AM

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 Who makes the best repro mirror out there. My is in great shape except it comes loose and won't stay in place, the square part of it. So very annoying trying to use it to see. I've adjusted it many times but is just doesn't stay. So I thought I would get a repro to replace it. Unless I can find a really nice original one. thanks


  I've had that same issue.  Try to find a poorly chromed, somebody wants to get rid of, used, remote outside mirror and borrow that piece out of it.


I  have a nice original.
now lets see if I can find it

will let you know if i can locate it



Do you mean the glass?  If so. Remove bezel on interior control knob and twist it a few times so the cables twist. Reattach. This helps mirror glass flip

If you mean the head itself. MASSIVELY annoying. They just can't make a mirror that doesn't seem to loosen. Just like frying pan handles and toilet seats