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Interesting wooden snake auto shifter handle on Ebay .

Started by Bob Gaines, November 18, 2022, 11:32:42 PM

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Bob Gaines

 A auction on Ebay shows a wood handle said to be original which can mean many things. The auction handle is not original assemblyline IMO. The assemblyline wooden auto handles had the wood routed out for the snake to sit recessed in the wood. I have seen ones like the auction handle before. This is most likely one of the plain wooden handles (there were many different auto wooden handles that were over the counter) non assemblyline after market or owner modified.It is a early style wood handle with the set screw in the early placement but Ford was selling the plain handles then too.  I have a bag of the individual small snake emblems like used on the handles that I have sold over the years . If I had them I am sure others have too. The snake appears to have been glued on one of the plain wooden knobs. Expect push back from informed enthusiasts or if in concours on authenticity from a well informed judge.
Bob Gaines,Shelby Enthusiast, Shelby Collector , Shelby Concours judge SAAC,MCA,Mid America Shelby