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Met these lovely owners and cars today

Started by pmustang, August 20, 2022, 06:37:44 PM

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Was at the AACA Museum today in Hershey Pa

A lovely gent pulled in with a 65 GT350. He took the time to chat to me about the car and it's amazing history. Being stolen years ago and returned to him in 2010

Also spoke to another gent with a 67 GT350 with an equally neat story about the cars restoration

I am sorry I don't have names but gents like this making Shelbys even more interesting are what it's all about. Thank you gents


Thanks for posting !

Is that '65 the one that was owned by a police officer ? stolen & recovered years later ? Talked about here in the past ?  I have this

image in my files, no number,  not sure if it's the same car, I'll have to study my 2019 registry.



Your car looks like Scott's. No side exhaust. He had his exhaust go all the way back. Saw the car at SAAC VIR. Plus he had a white Vette like the one in that garage.


Bigfoot, you are correct sir ! it is Scott's car.  I had the story a bit wrong   ::) here's the story on the photo of the car I posted.

Back to the regular program, can any one i.d. the '65 and '67 in pmustang's thread starter ?



Both cars in our region.

67 is Glenn Hill

65 is the Stolen and recovery car