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WTT: '63 289 COBRA 3623S HIPO Fuel Pump for Smiths speedometer

Started by wcampbell, July 10, 2022, 11:11:57 PM

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Awhile back I purchased the ultra-rare 1963 3623S HIPO Fuel Pump used on the 289 COBRA and I now have it concours restored - ready to bolt on. My unit is dated E3 or May of 1963 accurate for an early 21XX series COBRA. Only a dozen or so have been unearthed in the past couple decades I've been told by the experts. Prices for a good core on Ebay are topping $1,200 for a unit like I have. I'm in need of an OEM 289 COBRA Smiths speedometer (clockwise 0-160mph) - do you have a spare one? My pump is worth more than a speedo unit I'm told, but I'd sacrifice it in trade for that original speedo unit you have as long as it can be restored and used. Talk to me.

Wayne Campbell