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Smog Tube Repair

Started by Scode67FB, June 22, 2022, 12:53:18 AM

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Does anyone repair / restore smog tubes? I have these tubes that came off a 67 Fairlane 390. You can see by the pics that someone cut these off apparently with a hacksaw in order to pull the heads off the motor in the car. Thanks for any leads.


My suggestion would be to buy the best repro tubes and, for maximum correctness, splice the portion of your original DS tube that has the bracket and check valve nut.

Special Ed

 I dont think the ds long tube has been repoed as its unique to 67 so i would buy  donor tubes to get the small tubes and nuts from.  I got a box of odd tubes here from california smog systems i use to fix the hard to find tubes.


I overlooked the 1967 reference  :(   Thanks for straightening me out Ed.


Mansfield Mustang repos the drivers side tube.

Bob Gaines

Quote from: Blackcar on June 22, 2022, 12:46:26 PM
Mansfield Mustang repos the drivers side tube.
No one currently repros the 67 only drivers side tube.
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Mansfield used to make them PM me if one is needed.