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Started by dmb496, June 21, 2022, 07:43:19 PM

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We were at Indy in 2017, but didn't get there this year.  Was the attendance similar to 2017?


None of us, except the bosses, have the actual registered numbers, so an accurate answer cannot be given. And there were so many co-events going on at the speedway, you could not tell.

Only possible indicator was maybe a few less people at dinner Friday night.

Tom Honegger

I was at SAAC 47 and was disappointed in the numbers on track, both SAAC and SVRA. Saturday's SAAC Vintage race was pretty small and the SVRA Group 6 race was small as well. Quite understandable, with everything costing so much more right now, especially fuel. If regular pump gas is over $5.00/gallon, what were the guys paying for race fuel? All the big rigs towing, burning diesel, pretty stiff price to pay, especially if you're towing long distance. Overall I thought SAAC did a great job with the convention. Concours (no "e", please) was outstanding! Beautiful cars!


I know of one dedicated member who hauled a rig from the east coast to the tune $1500  in fuel.



Did it old school.  Philly to Zanesville, Zanesville to Indy.  Open track, parade laps, museum, evening program, etc.  Paid $6/gallon for 93 at the Sunoco across from the Mug and Bun.  Straight back to Philly. Guy next to me on one side at the open track drove his car from Detroit, on the other side was a rig from Ontario.  Probably $400-$500 in fuel.  Worth every penny.  A splendid time was had by all.  :) 


It was a great time!  So much to do and see....worth every penny.

- SVRA cars was a real bonus....the vintage Indy cars...I loved the 1966 AJ Foyt Sheraton Thompson with DOHC (bundle of Snakes) Ford; - WOW!
- The Ragtime Racers were awesome! - I could watch those all day long.
- Museum and the basement was spectacular!  I lucked out and was in the last basement group....we spent an hour down there, super cool.
- Meeting and talking with Bruce Junor, Bernie Kretzschmar and Chuck Cantwell - amazing opportunities.  Super nice genuine people.
- Vinny Liska and Howard Pardee's presentation on how the registries came about was really cool. - Great important club history.
- Analyzing all the amazing cars in concours, the pits, and car show; - I don't get to see that many amazing Shelby products at one time where I live. - Cobra Fliptop, 3 R models, 5S003, 4500 mile 1967 GT350!, Original family owned 1965 GT350, 1969 Shelby Boss 302, several real Cobras, numerous amazing cars.....a ton to see!
- Drooling over the literature that Vern had with 5R002....amazing!
- So much to see and want in the swap meet area - amazing parts (I need to bring more cash next time)!
- I think the most important part of the whole convention was visiting with old friends, making new friends and finally putting a face to a name from this forum.  Another great opportunity.

I can't wait to go again next year!   Thank you to everyone that volunteered and helped make every piece of the convention happen.

Don Johnston

For those who could nat make it to the convention, are the dinner presentations available on video? 8)


yes it was my first SAAC national show and enjoyed it. Arrived Wednesday noon and stayed through end of day Saturday, traveled 810 miles round trip. Super easy SAAC registration\check in.   I brought my slow Nascar race car and drove in the SAAC track event Thursday & Friday.  I met amazing long term SAAC members and made new friends with Larry Corda (cool car 6S172 raced in the vintage SAAC race),  Doug 6S2318, Joe (Boss 429), Rick & Carl. Very nice cars and better people. Tony Branda parked beside me in his 289 AC Cobra! Spent a little time with Howard Pardee & Kurt Vogt.   Was very pleased for my first national show- it exceeded my expectations. The Indy racetrack is iconic and blessed to drive on the track at speed. Lastly, the SVRA event was a bonus.  Thank you all which participated in making this happen and I hope we do it again at the Indy track soon.

As far as attendance, a Indy track worker told me on Saturday over 1000 spectators tickets were sold. I've never been to a previous SAAC National show but I would say about 100 to 125 cars displayed on Saturday. It was a mixture of all cars displaying. It seemed like a good turn out.
SFM 6S2227


Fred, great to meet and appreciate the offer to ride. Rain check please. Rick
1965 G.T. 350
1967 Fairlane GT - 390 4-speed
1970 Mach 1 - 428CJ 4-speed/AC
1971 Mach 1 - 429CJ auto/AC
2005 Ford GT


Yes Rick I enjoyed you too. Maybe next time we can go out on track together. Glad you made it to the show!
SFM 6S2227