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SAAC 47 Concours winners

Started by Mike Shally, June 19, 2022, 04:20:47 PM

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Mike Shally

SAAC 47 is over and some of you may not even be home but many want to know the outcome of the Concours Judging.
The Concours Team wants to thank the owners and let them know it was an honor to evaluate their cars, judging sheets will be emailed to each owner next week.

Trophies will take several weeks to design, proof and mail, I will keep you posted as progress is being made.

We are also asking for input on how we can improve the evaluation experience, please send your comments to Mike Shally at .

We also want to thank everyone who helped us during the convention.
original owner, 68 Shelby judge, MCA Gold Card Judge, MCACN Shelby Judge


Great job by the Concours Team. There were an impressive display of cars. Much more than I expected. Congratulations to the owners and judges. The support staff also deserves recognition


A big thanks to all the owners and judges that made the SAAC Concours a success!
Charles Turner