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Found some boo-boos in The Shelby American Fall 2023

Started by SunDude, September 18, 2023, 10:43:07 AM

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Sorry to say that I found a couple boo-boos in the latest edition of The Shelby American magazine.


1. This short article about the 427 Cobra that Peter Klutt showed at Pebble Beach last month erroneously refers to the car as the one Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter uncovered in 2018. That particular car was CSX3278. The car Klutt showed at Pebble was CSX3349 (not CSX2249), the Penn Brothers drag car.

You can watch the Hagerty Barn Find Hunter episodes featuring CSX3278 here:

• Part 1:
• Part 2:
• Part 3:


2. This short article tells the story of how Marilyn Monroe had been interested in buying a pink Cobra shortly before her tragic death. Now I can't say whether or not the text/story is true, but the accompanying image definitely isn't. It's a joke photo I created back in May 2021. I had modified a real photo of Marilyn reading the script to "Niagara" to look like the cover of the AC Cobra chassis manual.  ;D  This joke photo has gone mildly viral. I've since learned it was also used on a cover of the AC Owners Club magazine last year.

Like my father, I have just two emotions: Rage and Supressed Rage.


more proof that don't believe everything you see on the internet. LOL. 
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Don Johnston

Also, a correction of the photo on page 25.  The photo is of a CSX8000 (not 7000) number 007 owed by Kei (pronounced kay) and Miki Iinuma.   8)