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Started by bullitt, June 15, 2022, 10:31:21 AM

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Since the track doesn't know anything about SAAC and the only answer they have is the track isn't open Thurs/Fri. to spectators, and if it was, the only viewing area is in front of the museum (handicap stand) their standard viewing area for non-public closed track events. Does anyone have good info on spectator, both members and non-members, admission fee, infield parking yes/no, what areas are accessible. I noticed a post that said something about a gravel lot, is that the gravel lot inside turn 1 next to the hospital? There's no details on the SAAC Flakebook page or anywhere else that I can find.



You will be able to get in today through Saturday.

Go to the SAAC tent and you will have full access

More details here


How much does it cost?


$20 and well worth it