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SAAC-47 Popular Ballot Car Show

Started by Cobrask8, June 08, 2022, 08:25:06 AM

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Hey all!

Starting a place to answer any questions and provide info for the show.

A quick overview is that we will be doing the traditional ticket voting for 1,2,3 per class. There will be 29 classes to cover anything Shelby and Ford. I will post them later on today. I do not have the exact location within IMS yet, but guessing that same area as last year. Waiting for notification on that.

Get there early, balloting from 10:00 AM to Noon, sharp. We want to get the votes counted, call awards, and get everyone on thier way home Pronto!!!

You must be present to get any award you win.

More details, watch this space!


Been to a lot of SAAC meets but never participated in the Popular vote show.  Are the cars grouped by year or type?  Driving in from out of town that AM, will arrival at 9:00AM allow enough time to get in and park etc? 


Mike C
'65 GT350, '67 GT500, '65 289 Cobra



The plan is to try to group as best we can. The minimum will be keeping Classic and new Shelby's in their respective individual areas (65-70, 2008-2022), as well as grouping all other classes. We will also trust all the entrants will know who to vote for in each listed class, as we will provide a class list with your show materials at the car show registration



The Popular Ballot Car Show Class List:

1   CSX 2000
2   CSX 3000
3   CSX4/5/6/7/8/9000
4   Ford GT 2005 - Present
5   1965 GT-350
6   1966 GT-350
7   1966 GT-350H
8   1967 Gt-350
9   1967 GT-500
10   1968 GT-350
11   1968 GT-500, 500KR
12   1969-70 GT-350
13   1969-70 GT-500
14   1969-71 Boss 302,351,429
15   2012-13 Boss 302
16   2007 GT-500, 500KR
17   2010 - Present GT-500 All
18   2010 - Present GT-350
19   2006-Present Shelby GT, GTH
20   1964-1973 Mustangs Stock
21   1964-73 Mustangs Modified
22   1974-2004 Mustangs All
23   2005 - Present Mustangs All
24   1991 - Present Special Edition Mustang
25   All Replicas (Cobra/GT-40/Other)
26   Shelby Mustang Tributes & Replicas
27   Exotic Ford (Pantera/Tiger/Etc)
28   Special Interest
29   Competition Cars


Here is the schedule and how the Popular Ballot car show will run. This letter will also be given to all entrants at registration.

PLEASE BE VERY COGNIZANT OF THE TIME SCHEDULE!!!!! The show is the last event of the convention, and everybody is trying to leave early. Arrive early, or you will only be on premises for part of the judging time frame!!!


Welcome to the SAAC-47 Popular Ballot Car show.

We ask that you most importantly have fun! Please be neat and clean up after, take up only one parking space (no tents/chairs/etc) in the show area to make room for other cars, and be courteous to your neighbors.

The show is being run as a popular ballot show, you will be voting for your favorite car in 29 classes. Please place a single voting ticket from your perforated sheet in the envelope on the car you choose in each class. The window card will have both a car number and a class number. Please use the list below as a reference.  The tickets are numbered, and duplicate tickets will be not counted. Top three vote-getters will win awards in each class.

   SAAC-47 Popular Ballot Car Show Classes:
1   CSX 2000   15   2012-13 Boss 302
2   CSX 3000   16   2007 GT-500, 500KR
3   CSX4/5/6/7/8/9000   17   2010 - Present GT-500 All
4   Ford GT 2005 - Present   18   2010 - Present GT-350
5   1965 GT-350   19   2006-Present Shelby GT, GTH
6   1966 GT-350   20   1964-1973 Mustangs Stock
7   1966 GT-350H   21   1964-73 Mustangs Modified
8   1967 Gt-350   22   1974-2004 Mustangs All
9   1967 GT-500   23   2005 - Present Mustangs All
10   1968 GT-350   24   1991 - Present Special Edition Mustang
11   1968 GT-500, 500KR   25   All Replicas (Cobra/GT-40/Other)
12   1969-70 GT-350   26   Shelby Mustang Tributes & Replicas
13   1969-70 GT-500   27   Exotic Ford (Pantera/Tiger/Etc)
14   1969-71 Boss 302,351,429   28   Special Interest
      29   Competition Cars

Voting is from 10:00 AM to Noon SHARP. We will collect the ballots then, or you may bring yours up.
We hope to call the Awards at roughly 2:30PM, if not sooner. Please keep an ear open for any announcements.