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Call for Volunteers

Started by computerworks, June 01, 2022, 10:42:38 AM

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Call for Volunteers – SAAC-47

Looking to beef up our crew at Indy.
You all know our conventions are built on a foundation of helpful volunteers who want to make the best experience possible.
There are many areas that use our folks to administer and organize... Taking tickets, checking credentials, helping setup and tear down, etc.

Paddock / Load-in Wednesday
Thursday Social / Night at the Museum
Friday Dinner Program
Parade Laps
Car Show
Golf Carts / Swap Area

If you would like to help for a few hours (or more) to make the event run smoothly...
Send an email to  ...and note "SAAC-47 VOLUNTEER" in the subject line
Please include your cell number and any area of preference

Please note the days and times you are available and a feature preference

Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

If you want to get the real feel of the convention VOLUNTEER to help.

First You get to see the behind the scenes work that makes the magic happen
Second You get to work with the best people
Third You can probably meet everyone at the Convention at either Registration or Show Car Sign Up or Parking
Fourth This is a volunteer group and it works because everyone kicks in to make it happen
and Sixth Its probably the most fun you will have without being arrested.

So sign up today, help make the magic happen
Owned since 1971, now driven over 245,000 miles, makes me smile every time I drive it and it makes me feel 21 again.😎


The popular ballot car show can definitely use some extra help with the registration table and vote counting.

Please contact me if you can help so I can provide any details