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Shelby American Cobra World Registry - 1976 Edition

Started by kansascarguy, April 24, 2022, 09:49:51 PM

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This is the first comprehensive Cobra registry by SAAC. Copyrighted August 1976. Softcover 8" x 11.5" - 84 pages. Cobras only - no Mustangs, Tigers, or any other Shelby vehicles. 84 pages. [The inside cover states this is the 2nd Edition - the main difference being the list of contributors included here that weren't in the first edition.]   

Lists all Cobras, by chassis number, A.C. delivery date, type, and their current owners (Yes, even their addresses!) at time of publication. "Owner unknown" and/or "Destroyed" cars notated. Includes details and then current status of cars. It's interesting to compare these entries to those in the 1987 Shelby American World Registry. 

There are two of these currently up on Amazon for $360 each. I'll sell my copy for $315 and include shipping to lower 48.