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CSB 3054 - Typ 65 Super Daytona Coupe - Seek of Time Period Pics from 1965

Started by Szabo, April 18, 2022, 04:57:59 PM

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Stephan, thanks for this thread, and your images

(credit: two photos, and write up, and schematic, are from the Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965, by Michael L. Shoen)

my copy published 1990, American edition.

First the schematic from the book, better resolution than what Dave posted, but is Dave's in post 3 an original ? and this one a later

drawing by L. Honneger ?

I can post a larger scan if you guys want it.


Here are two photos of the cars at Radford in the U.K. the first (wooden buck)  I think is the one that was eight inches too wide, as

mentioned by Brock in the text. the next one  with body partially on the chassis is I believe correct dimensions.

The third photo in the book is the same right rear 3/4 view that Stephan posted in his first set of photos.


Hello Mike,

many thanks for the Pics and the text ... fun to read and go deeper in the rabbit hole for the Super Daytona Coupe


The schematic (drawing / blueprint) I posted appears to be the same as that sold at Mecum Indy 2020 (part of the John Atzbach collection). I believe it to be a period drawing.

The one I have is old. The paper is original blueprinting paper (type exposed to high intensity light to copy and then blued using ammonia). It has degraded somewhat. It was pinned up (tack rust stained) and exposed to light - sunlight for some time.

Respect to the one from the book, I believe it was recompiled from a better copy than the one I have.

Rick (aka Engineer)