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Started by Lfino, April 18, 2022, 12:53:02 PM

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I'm sure it's been asked many times. "What insurance company " After hibernation (over 50 years) my 67 should be ready for a test drive.
What company for the occasional driver quality car?
Once or twice a month. No long distance.  Thanks


1969 GT350 owned since 1970


Dave - 6S1757


I ended up going with Heacock also.

I started by getting quotes and comparing policies of all the well known classic automobile insurers, including those mentioned above, and then reading other threads on the topic.

Ultimately, how they performed when customers had claims should be the main deciding factor.

- Phillip
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     I've had Heacock, for over 30 years, now. Good people and No problems.

     Doug Cresanta


Thanks so much guys. I'll contact them.


Chubb.Great rates and solid.


Another satisfied Heacock Classic customer for over 30 years. 
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1971 Mach 1 - 429CJ auto/AC
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I had Heacock for the last 25 plus years until Last Jan when they informed me they no longer insured in NC. so now I have Hagerty.


I've had Hagerty for about 30 years, but never filed a claim of any kind.

So, other than they always politely accept my money, I can't really say how good they are as an insurer.

Has anyone here had a truly major incident, or complete theft, that their insurer did/didn't treat you well?  That would be good to know.
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I had a claim years ago with Heacock. They treated me like one of my family members had been injured. Hopefully they still do the same.
1965 G.T. 350
1967 Fairlane GT - 482 4-speed
1970 Mach 1 - 428CJ 4-speed/AC
1971 Mach 1 - 429CJ auto/AC
2005 Ford GT

I've been with American Collectors since the early 90's. I've had three claims (STUPID drivers), and never a problem.


I've had 6 cars and 2 trailers insured by haggerty for 15-18 years. So far no claims but I have read on other forums where others have stated that Haggerty handled their claims well. They also will insure projects while undergoing restoration.

1969 GT350 owned since 1970


My 1958 Thunderbird was rear-ended by an idiot in traffic on the way to a show. $14,000 worth of damage. The car was insured by Hagerty for $16,000. Car was totaled and I got my check within 2 weeks. I had the option of buying the car back for $3,100 but I didn't. My only claim with Haggerty and it was a good experience.
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