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Restarting a non-Ford after long sleep

Started by TedS, March 13, 2022, 10:22:15 AM

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I'm planning to restart a non-Ford (1973 455 Pontiac) after a 25+year sleep. I was warned that I should be concerned about valve stems breaking due to carbon that had previously built up on the stems causing the stem to weaken. This breaking may not occur right away but could be a few hundred miles later. Anyone have opinions on this?

Thanks in advance


Ted- I will start I have got many long term sitting projects up and running. I dont think you need to worry about valve stems breaking but rocker arm studs pulling out because the valves sticking in the guides. Pull the plugs out give a shot of Marvel Mystery oil in each cylinder and while your at it pull the valve covers off and lube up the rockers springs shafts and push rods with marvel. Let sit a couple hours then rotate engine by hand to make sure it rolls over freely without any strange noises before you crank it over with the starter but pull the coil lead off so it wont start and make sure you have oil pumping up to the top end. Make sure you have a mechanical oil pressure guage hooked up on first start up to make sure you have good oil pressure before running to long. You should be good to go... pay attention to strange noises -smoke or any other abnormalities. Good Luck!

Lincoln tech

 Push rods will bend before anything else, valve stems are hard to break.


Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated.

Lincoln tech

If you need more info give me a yell, I just went through same scenario with my 428 that's been sitting for 28 years.