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1965 GT350 Barnfind

Started by mustangman-nl, January 07, 2022, 12:57:07 PM

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Great story; thanks for sharing!
Greg Z


Ed I would absolutely do that. The lobster party was definitely a highlight last year.
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Would love to see it in person at Carlisle this summer.

Hope you can make that happen!

- Phillip
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  Matt ,
  What about the other parts and cars???
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The owner of the '65 bought everything, and sold everything (cars and parts) except the'65. That's what he told me...
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Quote from: Wedgeman on January 07, 2022, 02:32:10 PM
OK..if it was you what would you do with it ?.. ::)

A) Restore it

B) Leave it as found barn find

C) Get it running  & drive it

D) Sell it as is

E) other combinations

And what a simply Amazing find and the back story to go with it. Guys, stuff like this don't happen to often and I absolutely enjoy seeing someone get a remarkable find as a 65 GT350.

Congrats mtdubvee at least a SAAC member got their hands on it and will seem to honor  it's Legacy for years to come.

PS Please keep us posted here 'cause stories like this is absolute Genuine!!





Quote of the Day:

At 11:27, "I could just sit and stare at this thing just like it sits, For Hours".

So Damn Cool !!!


Thanks guys.

There were many more mustangs including a 66 shelby and tons of parts.

The goal was to keep the 65. Everything else was sold. A few parts I kept.

There were some GM cars and the grand National that my buddy handled.

Most of the other cars were in storage units and were cosmetically wayyy better than the 65. The 65 honestly had the worst paint. But it was also the only car under a cover if that says anything.

Ive attached the first couple pics I took. One was of the inside and if you look at the windshield, the cover was still on and you could see all the raccoon crap staining through the cover. The cover was so heavy because of all that crap it was hard for one guy to take it off.
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1967 GT350 #41 Raven Black 4 Speed


So is the story from Tony at reply #35 pretty accurate? This is the kind of stuff we only read about.

I imagined myself answering the Ad for that "Steering Wheel", LOL. And going in and seeing what you seen !!!   

Sort of like on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when all those kids walked into the candy making shop and their mouths dropped, as did the Adults  ;D


Congrats mtdubvee!  What an interesting bunch of valuable Ford items to find in a crazy house like that.

Curious:  The video was just recently posted.  When did you shoot it?   

Curious #2:  What was in the red trailer behind the Grand National?
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Yes Tony's info was correct.

That video was taken January 2021.

I just found a video of us taking the cover off. That was in November 2020. I'll upload it and share it. It gives the full effect of how the raccoons were living on the car for what seems like years and years.

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1967 GT350 #41 Raven Black 4 Speed


What did you expect the raccoons to do?
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Exactly lol. The red trailer had a 66 coupe Trans Am race car in it. Black and yellow Terlingua theme. Had a hipo toploader in it with no engine but had last ran a Boss engine which I assume is why he had the boss blocks and 302 Tunnel port top end.
SFM 5S123

SFM 5S269

1967 GT350 #41 Raven Black 4 Speed


Story just gets better and better - I really appreciate you going to the trouble to share it with everyone.

- Phillip
President, Delmarva Cougar Club - Brand Manager, Cougar Club of America