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69 SCJ install

Started by corbins, December 22, 2021, 03:05:42 PM

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I seem to have a mismatch between the Centerforce pieces and the ford clutch arm . Clutch arm is C8OA 7515 B. Throwout bearing is a Centerforce N1493. They are both suppose to be correct , but bearing will not fit the arm. Ive attached a couple of pics. Can anyone explain which is incorrect ?  Thanks !


It's the wrong lever arm. It's for the small input, 1-1/16" transmission. Presuming that you have a GT500 with the correct/original transmission?

The throw out bearing that you have is for the "big input" 1-3/8" transmission.

ANY 428 will use the 1-3/8". A 390 or small block would use the 1-1/16"

If you are not sure which transmission that you have, put calipers on the input shaft and measure the o.d.

-sorry, my original post needed editing.
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If you have the big input transmission, like Shelbydoug is asking about, then the fork you need will be stamped with the part number, C8OA-7515-D.  Sometimes they are stamped real faintly.  The fork you have is for 390/390GT Mustang,Cougar, Fairlane.


Thanks Guys !! Much appreciataed . I will pass this along to the owner. I assumed one or the other was wrong :)