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Factory AC in a 66 H?

Started by Fastback66, November 17, 2021, 01:41:45 PM

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Quote from: 6R07mi on November 23, 2021, 01:20:15 PM
....I found this when wiping the core support with detergent, my interpretation is A/C production option during build?

I solicit others with more knowledge to chime in??

What plant was the example from, what year and what exterior color was the car originally? Both factors IME come into play for a marking in that location
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Bob Gaines

Wow this topic has taken a left turn. It started out talking about a 66 GT350 application from the factory. to get back to that first line of discussion ,no there doesn't seem to be any 66 GT350 H or otherwise from the factory except the GT350 convertibles built at the end of 1966 production . I am not referring the decades later built continuation GT350 convertibles.  SA had to get a special variance from Ford to install the AC on those Hipo powered cars so that they would be covered under warranty. Howard P. has the documenting records.  Everything else would have to be later after sale dealer or Owner installed . As mentioned before if it was delivered to the first owner with AC installed then it is considered "AS Delivered" .  There might be some out there but I kind of doubt it. The Hipo required a special crank pulley for the AC . SA had them made out of aluminum at the time . I doubt a dealer would want to mess with it. Given that there might be one out there the burden of proof is on the teller of the tale. At least as it has to do with the Shelby and Mustang concours venues. Others can make up their own mind.   
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Steve McDonald Formally known as Mcdonas

You know I'd always thought that a/c was standard on all 66's. It was air conditioned by heat through the right and left vents, plus the power of opening vent windows. Sure it wasn't cooled air but it was conditioned by the smell of a 289  HiPo with the additional of musical notes of solid lifters
Beside that I never saw an actual  Shelby with "factory A/C". Hang on units yes, most were Sears or some other aftermarket units
Would love to see photos of any Ford units on a 66 Shelby including the bottom pulley and belt routing with idlers and adjustment pulley
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