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Regional Groups - How have you Incorporated/EIN number / Non-Profit?

Started by Cobrask8, November 16, 2021, 12:20:40 PM

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To any regional group that has gone forwards and set yourself up as a non-profit group:

How did you do it? What style of organization did you use? Annual costs? Protection?

Many, many groups and clubs are in desperate need of this info. I invite SAAC Board to provide proper guidance. Most of the regional groups are flying unprotected, and it is getting very scary in the modern world. We need help and guidance.

My own regional group buys it's own insurance for the club from Hagerty, but we need to get banking and liability set. I have been running the club for 25 years, will be stepping down at the end of 2022. I MUST have the club set up as an organization able to stand on it's own.



We at SAAC Northwest are a registered as non-profit corporation in the State of Oregon. We have been registered as such since 1988. I have attached a file put out by the state explaining our issues as a club. The cost is $50/ year and there may have been an initial filing fee back in '88. Beyond your question, we all would like to know how we are connected to SAAC? It is not clear to us and we do not have any defining affiliation documents or requirements. We have been asking but do not yet have a clear response. 
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Don Johnston

We registered our club in our state (Hawaii) as  a  Not-For-Profit, not a charity non-profit.  No financial disclosures needed for board members, no tax deductions, etc.  It is a category for hobby clubs.  No one is an employee or receives any income or compensation.  We do have to report sales taxes.  No educational requirement or reams of paperwork, just annual business filing. 8)


I have been continuing to work on it, and going 501c7 looks to work for an individual group.

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Each state will be different and there is also the Federal rules. The biggest thing you need a club to do is protect it's board and members personal assets from a lawsuit should something happen at an event.
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this is useful information