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427 Cobra Wheels - New Lower Price!

Started by Doug Dyar, November 15, 2021, 06:03:12 PM

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Doug Dyar

Full set of 4 aluminum Trigo 427 Halibrands. New take-offs with less than 500 miles. Original equipment on my CSX4000. 2-15"x9.5", 2-15"x7.5". These have 3.5" (rear) and 2.5" (front) backspacing. 6-pin original style knock offs. Will fit original 427, CSX4000/6000, Kirkhams and others that require an original style 6-pin knockoff. Minor blemishes from mounting and dismounting, but in excellent condition overall. Email me for pics and questions. $1000 plus shipping.

Doug Dyar
515 dot 829 dot 0381
csx4068 at gmail dot com

Doug Dyar

Doug Dyar

I can deliver these for free to the June 2023 Carlisle Ford swap meet.
Note new, lower price, too.