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1967 wheels

Started by sfm6s1506, September 24, 2021, 02:40:11 PM

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Buying a small hoard of Shelby parts from a friend.  He restored many mustangs and a few Shelbys back in the day. I need help with a few parts. Want to know if they are original. Set of magstar wheels. Here is a picture of inside of wheels. Thanks in advance

George Schalk

The wheel pictured appears to be an original K-H MagStar.  To be correct for a 1967 Shelby it will need to be 15"x7" with a 4.5" lug pattern.  Kelsey Hayes sold that style wheel for many applications including GM products and offered it in 14", 15" with various widths and backspacing.


Yep-  Original from "back in the day; it's riveted"...
Tom - DFW, Texas