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Hot August nights In Reno Dr

Started by Rocket, August 02, 2021, 11:57:01 AM

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Is anyone going to Reno for Hot August. Nights besides us.
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We went the first couple of years. When the free concerts were played in 900 degree parking lots. Maybe 4-500 cars and a great time. I understand now the entire town is taken over with 5000+ cars and most of the events require tickets. Another fun car event ruined by it's success.
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I remember when that was a staple for Kiwi.

Special Ed

I will be going for the first time a friend has rooms and a tent laying over from saac 46 then going to montery the next week.

Doug B

I'll also be going for the first time.  My cousin is RadfordKustoms showing several vehicles at this show.
Ed - will look for you. Saw you at SAAC and shoulda introduced myself. ;)
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Special Ed

we are staying at the pepermil reno casino  doug where u at

Doug B

We are staying in South Lake Tahoe - driving up to Reno on Friday. Not sure the details yet as I'm just a tag-a-long. I'll send you a PM with the details and my cell number.
69 Shelby GT350 #0170 Fastback 4spd non-A/C
07 Shelby GT500 #4022


I had my 66 out tuesday, anyone brining a shelby?
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