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SAAC Regions and insurance

Started by 6s1802, April 19, 2018, 11:51:13 PM

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Is a affiliated SAAC region covered by any type of liability insurance that the national club has for events such as local meetings?


The Board needs to respond here.

I finally went to Hagerty direct and got my own club policy, $1/$5 million. Not cheap, but the consequences......


We here at SAAC Northwest are also very curious about this issue. FYI, we as officers in this club are not liable and cannot be sued under Oregon law. We are a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Oregon. We are not a 501 C3, just a "Non-Profit Public Benefit with Members" as listed under Oregon law. We are curious as to what exactly we would accomplish by getting an umbrella insurance policy. Any umbrella policy we have reviewed specifically would NOT cover us for track days. We have contacted SAAC and we are not covered under any SAAC policy but we can get added to their policy for Track Days for a fee - very reasonable. However, that does not cover us day to day operations, car shows, etc. We have not been successful in getting a clear and concise guideline from Hagerty regarding why we need a policy and what we get. We are still working on it.
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