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The Smoking Tire review of a small block Superformance Cobra

Started by deathsled, July 20, 2021, 11:33:11 AM

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Some of his commentary is annoying but the views and sounds are great. Matt Farah is no stranger to a variety of cars and driving at speed but seems baffled by the keys (I was having an aneurism watching him struggle to put the one sided groves in properly) and driving the thing faster seemed elusive to him. Very annoying he said a Hyundai Elantra could take it in a race. What is he talking about??? Reflection of the driver in my opinion.  But he is used to the supercar thing and less the vintage scene. But as was said in the Gumball Rally, some things get meaner with age.
"Low she sits on five spoke wheels
Small block eight so live she feels
There she's parked beside the curb
Engine revving to disturb
She's the princess from his past
Red paint gold stripes damned she's fast"


Just found this, thanks for posting.  Wow, that guy was annoying at best.  Watching him in his socks was a major distraction.
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Clearly, as soon as he had issues with the ignition key, you knew it was going to be a bumpy ride.

As for the 289 roadster from SPF, due to a death in the family, I've had other priorities, but still managed to get almost 100 miles in mine since it was delivered. Having, over the years, been able to drive many originals, I'm finding the 289 replica to be a nice change from my FIA and 427SC replicas. Still plenty of power when I want it, ride quite comfortable considering the leaf spring suspension vs the coil over suspensions I'm so used to. The benefit of the 5spd is a plus. Handling, is what you would expect with a 70's series radial tire, braking, light years ahead of the originals, as the modern version uses Wilwoods at all four corners. Fit and finish, surprisingly well put together. Some minor issues with rattles, most due to the hard mounted exhaust, I'll deal with that down the road....One dash rattle I'm still chasing, but again, overall, a fun little toy that my wife and I will enjoy to drive. Anyone local to me in SC want to take a spin, let me know, if I'm around, I'm more than happy to add some mileage to the odometer.

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Anyone that cant get a key to fit an ignition switch should not be allowed to drive a performance car. He clearly doesnt fit the car, doesnt keep updated on the price of cars, and cant drive it the way they were intended. One cant compare driving a COBRA on a desolate road at 30-40 MPH to getting killed on a racetrack like in the 1960s. It was uninformative , boring, and surely didnt promote the car in a good light. 10 minutes I cant get back! :-[


Guy is a tool,but obviously not a locksmith tool.Whatever tool it is it needs an edit button..... :o


Quote10 minutes I cant get back!


More than once, his praise seem pretty damned faint.

CS first installed the Windsor V8 in 1961. Hummm. . .wasnt that 1962?


Too many times these "segments" turn into self entertainment of/by the host. They get involved in amusing themselves but no one else.

I want to yell, "where's the beef?"

You can't even "review" them. Generally speaking, they don't take criticism very well.
68 GT350 Lives Matter!


I don't know why he would have so much trouble with the key, since he obviously doesn't have any problem with the fitment between his head and his arse.
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 Good grief, how many times can he call this car a "slabside" (an unfortunate Superformance term)?  He also tells us that the original cars were equipped with top-loaders.  Once you get past his misinformation and key fumbling, however,  the video was worth watching.  Thanks for posting.