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Checkered Flag: Chris Brown (Browns auto body services)

Started by Special Ed, June 27, 2021, 03:55:57 PM

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Special Ed

I got a terrible phone call this morning that Chris Brown had a heart attack last night at the young age of 53 so sad and way to young. If u ever meet Chris u would never forget him a very colorfull person who like to party a little BUT work very hard and a true family man who worked with his family at the shop. Chris rebuilt an old ford dealership and turned it into a complete modern restoration and body and paint business. I meet chris 25 years ago and been freinds ever since and made many trips to his shop helping him on concours restorations and having hard to find parts made with his connections he made at the SEMA shows. Chris was a veteran and very hard working trustfull guy who loved shelbys and mustangs and was proud of his work.  I will know more monday about funeral and will post it for car guys who want to attend. Chris will be greatly missed and can never be replaced as he was a very unique person and fun to be around so RIP CHRIS BROWN and we will never forget you!!


RIP Chris Brown. Top notch guy, family man and talent that is gone way too soon. Condolences to his family and friends.
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This is horrible news.  What a loss, such a nice man.  I really enjoyed finally meeting him in person at MCACN two years ago.  It's so important to enjoy everyday like it is your last, it could be.
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RIP to a great friend and one of the best men in this business. If you ever met Chris you will not forget him, one of the few people that can light up any room, shop, bar, or place they are in. He will be missed.

Godspeed Chris!


RIP Chris!!! One of the truely great guys in this hobby/business.
The man had a smile that was brighter than the sun.
Will miss seeing you at all the events.
God Bless you and your family.


I can't believe it. I met Chris in person at MCACN a few years ago when Brian G met him. I had been talking and texting with him over the years. Great guy - ALWAYS willing to lend a hand. He helped me out a lot during the restoration of a former car (1967 Shelby GT350 - 0022).

RIP my friend.
Nothing beats a classic!


I was shocked when I heard this morning. I am also pissed he is gone. I was just conversing with him yesterday afternoon. The world needs more people like Chris and words are not adequate to describe him.  As Ed said he partied hard and worked hard but if you met his boys you would also know what a good father he was. The world is a little emptier today[


I'm stunned and sad to find this out this morning..... known Chris over the years and was extremely helpful and a great guy ... very very hard to comprehend to understand...... Bob Wilson
Robert Wilson


Oh My Goodness. Sometimes we don't understand why such great people that makes an impact on A LOT of people in this hobby is taken way too soon.

My Thoughts and Prayers are Absolutely with the Family at this time :(


Absolute shock to hear this!  Visited with Chris in Carlisle earlier this month; vivid image because he was just right there.  What a guy to know:  a key person in this hobby; a person who enjoyed life; a person who helped me personally.

My heart goes out to his family.  RIP Chris.  Gather around friends, because we never know.

KR Convertible

That's terrible news.  Never met Chris, but seemed to be a great guy from the couple times I spoke to him on the phone.  Another huge loss for
the Shelby community.  RIP Chris.

Condolences and prayers to the family.


I spoke to Chris yesterday.

Truly devastating. Definitely one of the good guys!

Special prayers for his family and friends.

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It can be very disturbing and shocking to be talking to someone one day and the next day they are gone. RIP to the man though I never met or knew him.
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RIP sad to hear the news. I always enjoyed talking with you.