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Paint Stripping

Started by Survivor, April 16, 2018, 06:42:00 PM

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'73 Mach 1-factory bright red.  I know for certain that the car was repainted (if you can call it that) between '73-'81.  I'd like to strip off the repaint (or at least try a test area) and was curious if anyone has any experience with the process that might work.  Should I assume either enamel or lacquer given the age.  Thanks, Tony. 

papa scoops

most likely acrylic enamel with catalyst or urethane. there is no "testing" all in or nothing. be prepared if you have no experience. could be jumping into a 10k investment. is it worth it for that car? there is no in-between paint jobs one it has one put on. good luck. phred


Well, I asked only bc it's a documented one owner car w/ 60k orig. miles and some nice options.  I have all the dealer paperwork, owner tag, build sheet etc.  Off the road for 37 years.  They actually repainted around the orig. Mach 1 stripes.  That said, I understand it's sometimes better to leave well enough alone...