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Welcome back! While you were gone...

Started by Coralsnake, October 02, 2023, 01:46:56 PM

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Coralsnake was updated!

A new SAAC Gold car. Thats rare!

The highest priced 1968 fastbacks! What the heck!

Johnny Bolton Ford - Maitland, Florida. Love this dealer.

More NOS sheetmetal. Help me find another door

The original Influencer, check out


Just when you thought you'd heard it all - Shelby American issued a new serial plate to update a Cobra from a 1966 to a 1967?

Would love to hear more about that!

Great update Pete (as usual).

- Phillip
President, Delmarva Cougar Club - Brand Manager, Cougar Club of America


Fantastic update, can't wait for the next one to hit the web.

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Oh dang, nice update Pete.  The Johnny Bolton Ford section is awesome and I'm gonna print it off and add it to binder for my 1968 GT500 Johnny Bolton car.  And thanks for featuring a picture of my car (#1394) in your Johnny Bolton Ford section.  I am truly honored.

I may have previously mentioned, but I have two different Johnny Bolton Ford dealer emblems.  One has pins on back of it and one is more of a stick on sort of emblem.   The emblem that has the two pins on the back side is definitely the nicer of the two.  I've always wanted to put the emblem with the pins onto my car but I've always balked at doing it because I'd have to drill two holes in the trunk lid to apply the emblem.  I'm sure I'll drill those holes one day and stick that emblem on.

Great update as always Pete.  You made my day.


PS  I've got an original 1966 Shelby American Invoice, sent to Johnny Bolton Ford that I'll email you a copy and anything else JBF related you might want to add to that section.  I'd love to get my hands one of those Shelby American Inc. cheques made out to Johnny Bolton Ford so I could add it to my binder.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.


Here's a couple more pictures of #1394.  Me and the family from 15 years ago along with a mountain shot of #1394 in my hometown of Canmore, Alberta.


You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.


Great pictures, can definitely add them in
The original Influencer, check out


      Great web-site!

      And, a nice picture of my business partners Grabber Green '69, that we use to drag race (street race too!  :o) back in the day.

      The car was displayed at one of the early SAAC conventions ('77? +/-) by Mark Fisher (now deceased) who was the owner at that time; and at the end of the event, and having not won any trophy, but Carrol Shelby walked over to him and said to him something along the lines of: Your one of the only son-of-a-b's here doing what I meant to done with these cars!   8)




  Reading your monthly or so updates always makes me smile. Thanks