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Started by pickoneid, January 02, 2022, 04:45:16 PM

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Car has every option available and ran when parked in 1989. It had an engine fire when bought on a salvage title, but now has a Mass. clear title.
Milage when bought and shows on tille 18,757 mills, now has 23K on rebuilt motor.  It was repainted in 1986 and any new part was replaced with Ford original parts.
The only changes made from stock are the 1985.5 headlights and Saleen speedo. Car was parked due to an issue with turbo after a friend drove
the car and believe it to be stuck open wase gate.  Very rare and hard to find one with LOW miles. Please no dreamers or time wasters. Would consider Ford products trades up or down.
VIN# 1FABP28T9EF114278.Thanks.  Asking $13,500.

67 GT350

Why is the price not shown? I read the ad 4 times and there is no price.
Do you have the correct speedo?
Is the milage now considered TMU?
Do you have the correct headlights?
I take it you will not get it running?
Milage, how many are on the car?
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I did forget the price is on there now 13 five. I will have to look for the speedo but I believe I do have the original one. Not sure what you're saying by TMU the car was bought with a little over 18,000 on it with a rebuilt motor I put 5000 miles on it so it's about 23 now I may have the correct headlight also you're right I'm not gonna attempt to have get it running.Hope this helps thanks for your interest.