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Package Tray Hardware

Started by s_eagle, April 24, 2021, 04:02:45 PM

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Looking for any information on the hardware used to secure the 66 package tray.  Any information on fastener types and finish and the locations for the fasteners would be greatly appreciated.  Found a couple of photos on the VMF site but wanted to double check things.  Thanks much



You mean the fiberglass one with the ribs? I just threw mine in and rivited it to the sides.


Quote from: 6s1802 on April 24, 2021, 06:40:56 PM
You mean the fiberglass one with the ribs? I just threw mine in and rivited it to the sides.

Originals are molded plastic.

The pop rivets don't hold well into the inner fender covers. I put in riv-nuts then 10/32 button head screws.

One on each side on the bottom and on the top in the back also. They show here in the picture.

I can't say as I've ever seen how the originals were mounted. I do know that they warped like crazy the first time the car got parked locked up in the summer sun.

The fiberglass is the reproduction and a much better piece to work with.
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There are also two wooden support bars.  One with a catch for the latch on the trap door with five screws. AMK B-12042 is a nice choice and one wood bar to support midway up the tray with two "Z" brackets, two same AMK screw into support.  Blind rivets 1/8 were originally used to secure tray. I have an original plastic tray that shows three into the corner panels, five into the quarter panels horizontal section and three into the vertical section of tray into quarter panel.   In total, 29 fastening hardware directly into or through the tray.  If you include fasteners not directly attached to tray, there are the two screws for latch catch and four roofing nails for "Z" brackets, then there is 35 total fastening hardware.  These were not intended to come out easy if needed removing, like accessing the rear upper shock attachments.



Wow. That's a lot'a screwing.

By chance, IF you have a plastic panel, I'd recommend mounting a piece of plywood to the shock towers, probably 3/8" is thick enough, then just laying the plastic panel over it so it has consistent support and let it float with just fasteners in the corners.

The fiberglass panel doesn't need any of the extra support and has a lip that you can fasten a bracket to for the lock/latch.

The 65 panel actually had provisions for accessing the top shock mounts and eventually you will need to on the 66 version. The simpler the mounting, the better.
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