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Mustang Club of Tidewater Show- 4/17/21

Started by CSX4781, April 18, 2021, 10:09:28 PM

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The Mustang Club of Tidewater held their annual Spring show this past Saturday (the 57th anniversary of the public introduction of the Mustang), at Cavalier Ford at their Greenbrier location in Chesapeake. Great turnout of cars and people. We had 10 or so cars from the Southeastern Virginia Region SAAC, including the three 66 GT350s (6S135, Hertz 6S846 and 6S1342), as well as a number of Mustangs, a 69 Fairlane Cobra and a 68 Ranchero. Super weather and a low pollen count (for a change) made for a great event, not to mention seeing a lot of old friends.



Thanks Dave, It looks like a great day and a nice local Ford dealer show.
I miss those since moving a few years ago.
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