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Are American CSX fans aware some 428 Fruas gave been shortend for Cobra bodywork

Started by HistoryBuff, January 29, 2023, 03:30:19 PM

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I came across this letter from 2008 on a AC Owner's Club register

It appears that what some collectors fear is already happening–aging 428 Fruas are being cannibalized for their chassis, which once shortened 6″ in wheelbase, can accommodate a 427 Cobra body. On an AC Owner's club website I found one such case but they mention this fate awaits other 428 Fruas that are rusty or otherwise undesirable...

08, 11:38:40 »
Hi David

Both conversions already known and listed thanks in a first draft AC 428 Register I cobbled together late last year, which the Club has since removed to be replaced hopefully with their glossy on-line version sometime soon. [8D] I can attach a copy to an e-mail if you need.

To bring you up to date....


Extracted and copied across from old Register I've saved on hard drive :

CFX 35: Fastback. Automatic. Now 428/ Cobra Conversion.
Manual. LHD. Trade advert: La Baule, Brittany France.
Status: Active.
E-mail received 5/1/08.
"Dear Sir,
the car we have for sale is a conversion from an AC Frua 428 to an AC Cobra
427. The engine is not the original 428 but a 302 that has been fully
prepared and that devellopps 450 HP. The body is a SC one. The chassis
number is CFX 35. Aluminium oil and water radiator. Aluminium vapor oil
Tank. Aluminium water expansion tank. Special laiton 3 discs clutch. Gearbox
is a toploader close ratio, wheels are original halibrand with hoosier
Price is 200 000 â,¬uros.
Sincerly yours,
PH : 00 33 2 40 24 10 36"

Cobra Ned

One can hope that no one looking for a genuine Cobra might be fooled by a CFX chassis number...

Royce Peterson

It's kind of sad because the Frua is a cool car. To butcher one and turn it into a clone with a 302 is especially embarrassing. 
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