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MICO repair kit wanted

Started by hertzdonut, March 10, 2022, 11:37:44 AM

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Does anyone have a repair kit#02-001-029 they would part with?

98SVT - was 06GT


This is a special order item that is made to order. It has an estimated lead time of 30-60 days before it ships. Orders cannot be canceled or refunded once they're placed with Mico.
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Not in stock there or anywhere that I know of. Thanks, Terry


Are you saying that the kit is still being produced but just can't find one in stock??

I was first under the impression that they were out of production and you needed to find an NOS on some dusty shelf.

Here is a link you may have seen. They seem to indicate they can order if you wait.

Good luck Terry

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I will try anywhere, but according to Gail at MICO customer service
they are trying to find a new source for parts. I was hoping to find
someone here with one "on the shelf"


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