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Battery post rubber piece

Started by hertzz350, February 22, 2021, 07:20:37 AM

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Original owner of 6S550. Owned since 1967. 64,000 Miles, all body original except hood and front valance. All glass original except windshield. Still has aluminum 4 speed. Has replacement Mico.  Also own 1966 Mustang convertible. They are drivers, not trailer queens.


Here is 6S1615's original San Jose assembly line battery post shield and plastic push pins.
It was shipped to Hi-Performance Motors on 3/31/66:

1966 GT350H owner since June 30, 1976


6S280 does not have a rubber pad or any signs of staple holes or holes for the plastic pins.  Original apron dated either 9 22.


6S2069 (SJ) Late April build...pad with plastic rivets
'67 Shelby Headlight Bucket Grommets
'67 Shelby Lower Grille Edge Protective Strip