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Condensers for dual point?

Started by csxsfm, February 24, 2021, 10:23:28 PM

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What's the best performing/reliable condenser currently available as an alternative to the chinese junk?


NAPA sells   ECH FA66 ($17.49) that I have had good luck with.  The mounting bracket is loose, but does center the device.  You can still get Motorcraft condensers.

This link will take you to five for sale at $9.99 each with bracket integral to device.

Best of luck



  Originals. PM me if you need one . I have one or two NOS.
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Speed Six

In my experience the best condenser available is this one :
They explicitly developed it for racing engines and as much better and more reliable alternative for all the aftermarket copies.
I had a lot of condensers fail in my pre war racer, since using the Swiftune one (since 2010 now, without change !) no more problems.
Highly recommended - and I am not affiliated or get free ones !  ;D


I would think that a Standard brand would be fine for this application.
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