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Recommended vendor for new wiring harnesses under hood?

Started by BeaterGT500, February 16, 2021, 11:55:11 AM

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As I reassemble this GT500, I am using the original harnesses (rebuilt by Midlife) under the dash and to the tail lights.  As for under the hood, he recommended going with new since mine were trashed completely.  And preferred manufacturers for a solid replacement harness - headlight, gauge feed and alrernator?  It's a 4 speed GT500 built in Jan '67 with inboards and no A/C.
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I dont recommend mixing old and new harnesses, you may have compatibility issues with some of the plastic plugs.

If you do decide you want to go ahead with new wiring. I can help you obtain Alloy Metal wiring, below retail costs.

Please be aware there maybe some variations in plug colors on the headlight harness. Overall their products are superior to anything else I have seen.
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+1 on the Alloy Metal wiring.  American made.  I won't use any offshore junk.  Did the entire front of the Hertz car with Alloy and am very satisfied with the perfect form, fit and, function.
Roy Simkins
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+1 for coralsnake, he will take care of you with the right wiring you need.


Thank you sir!

I have a couple 1969 underdash harnesses that are new, I will sell each for cost of $675 shipped if anyone needs one?
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The best part is that you didn't have to go out with a friend for dinner to find out about Alloy Metal Products or Coralsnake.



+1 for Pete/Coralsnake.  Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.