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Cars For Sale Guidelines-READ BEFORE POSTING.

Started by Forum Guide, February 10, 2018, 12:17:42 PM

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Forum Guide

This Forum is for listing cars that you personally have for sale. Please limit ALL replies in this forum to specific questions, to the seller, about the car.

Cross-talk, or conversations about the item among members, should be made on another thread in the Discussion area....not on the For Sale thread.

PRICES are required on all parts or cars listed for sale.

We require a Shelby number to be included in the description.
A VIN is required for all non Shelby automotive listings
We will delete ads posted without a price.

We will delete ads with Ebay links posted in them.

PLEASE return to your thread and mark the item SOLD when you have sold the item. You may lock the thread from further posts at that time.

Thank you

SAAC Forum Guide