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Can anyone identify this cobra?

Started by wcampbell, January 26, 2021, 11:24:19 AM

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Saw this pic on the internet which I hadn't seen before. A lot of the features of my car in the 60's (side exhausts, fender mounted mirror, dark color, etc.), but it's obviously Florida and my car was being raced in California at the time there another black, green or dark early 289 cobra that identifies with this?

john galt

Probably USRRC Cobra CSX2557, Murray Kellner.


I think John is right as to it being CSX2557, it has the distinctive dual side pipes on both sides. Here's a pic at Elkhart Lake in 1966,

I remember discussing those pipes with some else on the forum before.


TA Coupe

I don't think those two are the same car. Notice the placement of the mirror, one is on the door and one is on the fender and different types.

If it starts it's streetable.
Overkill is just enough.

john galt

Murray Kellner was from Locanto FL which is in Citrus County (note lettering on door in first pic).  The Raydyot mirror in second pic was mounted in the door side window bushing and the bullet mirror mounted on the cowl. Easy to unbolt the Raydyot mirror and relocate the bullet mirror to the fender.  I did the 1st restoration of 2557 approx 40 years ago.  It was a very original USRRC at the time.  Cheers :)