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Checkered Flag : Jim Cowles (acman63)

Started by jesSPR, January 04, 2021, 03:48:54 PM

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Thoughts And Prayers,  I never got to meet him, But he was a wealth of help to ALL. And will be missed Greatly.  PEACE
SAAC Member

Doug C

As I read this I can only think of his family, friends and how much he did for everyone that needed help, me included.  Jim Rest In Peace. 

Harris Speedster

R.I.P.  Big Jim.
He is the one that gave me the nickname John from Utah.
Oh so many years ago.
One of his trips out to Utah was to check out 3 or 4 Shelby I had, of which he bought a 65.
maybe car #137
Big Jim could get upset and riled pretty easy, we used to screw around with each other.
Those were the days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is a legend in the Cobra and Shelby World and will not be forgotten.
My condolences to the family.
See ya again some day Jim.

Is this the first futuristic exotic in the world?
Size of an ac cobra, but built in 1935 !


 Well that is  very sad news    , condolences to  the family.... and the car family 
Some where some one is driving their collector car for the last time but they don't know it . Drive your car every time like it could be the last memory of it .


Instead of being part of the problem, be part of a successful solution.


I enjoyed speaking with Jim and will miss his honesty.  He was always very fair to me when either restoring something, or selling me a part.  God Bless.
Brian R. Glover
SAAC Carolina's Northern Representative


I started buying stuff for my KR's 4110, 3856 probably somewhere around 1992. In the last year  got some items for my 66 #236 and was hoping to start getting things for  66 #1127.  I  always thought he never charged enough for what he did. Can't say enough good things about Jim. I will miss talking to him.


My deepest thoughts and condolences to Jim's family, friends and the entire Shelby community. He will be missed!!!



Tremendous loss. I was working with Jim just recently on an exhaust system. Of course he knew exactly what I wanted. Condolences to his family.



Our condolences to his family. He will be missed. I've been buying parts from Jim since the late 70's. Thanks for posting, Jessie.
Original owner of 6S550. Owned since 1967. 64,000 Miles, all body original except hood and front valance. All glass original except windshield. Still has aluminum 4 speed. Has replacement Mico.  Also own 1966 Mustang convertible. They are drivers, not trailer queens.


So sad to learn of his passing.  Such a knowledgeable and passionate guy about this wonderful hobby of ours.  We've lost someone instrumental in keeping the legacy of Carroll Shelby alive. 
5S071, 6S1467



Enjoyed 30 some years of working with Jim on my restorations. Always helpful with info and parts. Just made a purchase last summer, we talked about a half hour about old times. Was worried at that time about Covid. I guess something else took him. Rest in Peace.


Very sad to hear this news. I had many conversations with Jim over the years. He always remembered me even if a few years went by. I will always remember his honesty. He spent more time talking me out of buying parts than selling parts to me.

I still have many of his hand written invoices from the 90's.

This world needs more people like Jim.

Own SFM6S1624, Black Hertz Automatic built 3/66 now concours trailered restored by Ken Degenstein. Former owner of 1042 a red Hertz automatic and 1643 a black automatic Hertz