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I owned her for 48 years....purchased new (Updated)

Started by Hardtravelin, May 23, 2021, 07:36:07 PM

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Hardtravelin Dad.....true story.
He was an enthusiastic fan of Carroll Shelby.
This pic (if I can get it to post) is Dad in 1983 with 2052 .
Without Dad's encouragement and generosity, 2052 would never have been my ride.
A smile for sure.


California Special 1968 Lime Gold
Shelby GT350 1968 (sold)
Shelby GT350 1966 recreation (363ci)
Boss 302 1970 Grabber Green (sold)
GT A-code 1965 Wimbledon White (sold)
Convertible 1968 Diamond Blue (sold)
Fastback GT 1968 Dandelion Yellow (sold)
Fastback GT 428CJ 1968 1/2 Acapulco Blue(sol


Great story.  Thanks for letting us tag along. When the history on one of these cars end abruptly, we all miss out on what was yet to come!
In addition to restoring the car back to its former glory, I enjoy the research and listening to the stories that make these cars the legends they are.


Dad really liked the 1966 Shelby alloy wheels.  I was a fan of Americans.
So we put 2052's original wheels & tires on Dad's work truck. He complained about the hard ride but he drove those Bluestreaks until bald. The alloys made their way back onto 2052 after the Ranchero rusted out so bad that the doors wouldn't close.
Pic is 1971.
(The picture only appears sporadically.....don't know why. The convenient attachment link seems to accept the pic ok but does not display it with regularity. Browser related?)

A different 2052 post/story has been zapped (I assume) for my use of the word s**t and for bluntly stating my Shelby legacy opinion. Before the disappearance I received some thoughtfully good advice and some hatefully lame insults.
Now seeking a forum with adult insulters.


All great stories to read.  Thank you. Reading them really builds up my enthusiasm again for cars in general and particularly my red Hertz (the car that literally survived my three marriages).  I can't let her go and will hold on as long as I can.  My dad is 93 and still has a penchant for cars and wants to get his 65 Shelby clone out on the road again. 

Best wishes, gentlemen.

Richard E.
"Low she sits on five spoke wheels
Small block eight so live she feels
There she's parked beside the curb
Engine revving to disturb
She's the princess from his past
Red paint gold stripes damned she's fast"


Stories like THIS are the reason I'm into these cars and hope to enjoy with my son and leave to him when I'm gone.
Great Legacy


Glad you decided to show up here and share more stories.  😎